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Just as each client is not a number in our portfolio, neither is our staff. As a member of our firm, you won’t be pushed to find your own way in the market place.

At Cornerstone Planners, every member of the team is a unique person with different financial expectations. Whether you are hunting for that first job, embarking on a mid-career change or already an accomplished financial planner, you will be trained to meet a certain level of competency.

When you are ready, you can expect a quick start through immediate access to our established platform of clients. There is no need to embark on needless surveys or cold calls in an attempt to meet your sales targets. These are not the hallmarks of our financial planners.

When you join our firm, we ensure that you are a trained professional equipped with the right financial instruments before meeting your first client. We do this because you carry our brand name in a market place that recognises us as a people-oriented team and expects a high standard of service from our firm.

More importantly, at a boutique agency such as ours that cater to a niche market, you are not a face among a crowd of hundreds. You are a valued member of a small dynamic team of advisers who can be depended upon to deliver the best-tailored programmes for our professional and business clientele.