International Plaza

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International Plaza

10 Anson Road #28-02A, S079903

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At every corner you turn, there is always a financial decision to make. Top of the list are your family’s financial and health security. Then, there are your investments and professional liabilities. If you have employees under your care, their financial and medical needs will have to be taken care of as well.

If your daily schedule is hectic, making the right decisions can be tough when you are overwhelmed with options and competing advice. Often, you are pressured to close a deal. You are just another customer on everyone’s list.

What you need is someone to make all these important decisions for you. Whether it is for your personal, professional or business insurance, or the protection and transfer of the financial assets you have built up, your best option is to have them taken care of by a professional with the right expertise to do so. At Cornerstone Planners, we work with partners ranging from legal experts and insurance providers to risk management specialists to make sure you get this.

Everyone is unique, no one is a number

We are independent financial advisers and under our care, you are not just another number on a list of customers. To us, you are a person with a name and someone who is looking for the best advice for all your personal and business commitments.


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